Shi Yuzhu talking about Giant group’s development

Recently the Giant interactive group celebrated its 30th anniversary in Shanghai. Shi Yuzhu, the CEO of the company, had a long speech during the event. He described it as a very successful company during the past 30 years. Having a high reputation and healthy corporate culture, Shi Yuzhu is sure that the next 30 years will also be great because of great technological changes, blockchain, 5G.

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Looking back on Giant’s 30 years of development, the CEO mentioned that 30 years is a long period for every company. And it has not been easy for Giant to reach that position. Shi Yuzhu said, ”Although we are not the largest company, the most brilliant or the most famous company, we are a very sunny company. We are worthy of our employees and consumers and perform our tasks well”.

What’s even more impressive is that according to Shi Yuzhu speech the Giant has not owed any penny of taxes to the country for 30 years, does not owe money from any bank or fund, and has not let any partner suffer. Only once in the Zhuhia’s period, they owed money from people in 1997. And in the end, they all cashed in.

Shi Yuzhu also mentioned that the products that the Giant provides are very useful for users. Giant Hanka, Melatonin and Hanka are very worthy for consumers. Speaking about melatonin (a hormone that controls sleep) he revealed,” I have been eating melatonin every day from 1997 to today. Thus I really advise our consumers to use it. A few years ago there were beliefs that melatonin was a lie. But since 1998 this product has been useful and reliable for consumers. The lie may last 1 or 2 years, but not 21”.

How Giant Company Succeeded?

The successful future of the Giant company depends on the fact of whether they can adapt to current development or not. According to She Yuzhu major technological changes such as blockchain, bioengineering, 5G will change humanity. If the company does not want to fail it must grow fastly. There are 3 necessary conditions that are important for the future: young team, healthy corporate culture and sunshine management. Speaking about corporate culture She Yuzhu believes that the Giant has a very healthy and proper corporate culture in the software stage, melatonin, online gaming area, etc. “In Zhuhai’s difficult period the failure of the Giant was a corporate culture problem. Everyone was young and made mistakes. And since the corporate culture was not good, we failed” Shi Yuzhu says.

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