Alleged OnePlus 7T Pro Coming on August 15

Recently, we heard interesting rumors concerning the upcoming OnePlus flagship. It’s said the OnePlus 7T (or another phone, if anything changes) will be officially announced on October 15. Moreover, Max.J, who shared this news, also attach a picture to his tweet. As you can see, there is a smartphone in the center. No other information has been shared.

However, it is worth noting that there are still some hidden things in the middle of the photo. Of course, we think it is the OnePlus 7T. So we will call this unknown handset in this way. Once we pass it through a filter, we can see the camera component placed in the upper middle part. In other words, the back camera of this handset will be arranged vertically. Honestly, this is not the news we have been waiting for.

Moreover, this phone could be the OnePlus 7T Pro instead of the original version. If it’s so, we have heard and collected some noteworthy information concerning this handset. Say, we have got a leak that said it will sport a 6.67-inch 2K+ 120Hz waterfall screen. Plus, it will support wireless charging, and the processor will be upgraded to the Snapdragon 855 Plus. The screen fingerprint recognition will perform way faster and the camera performance will be optimized as well.

On the one hand, these are great features making the OnePlus 7T Pro quite competitive. But on the other hand, these are expected features that should be in any current flagship.

Like Samsung and other big players, OnePlus launches one flagship (and one phone) in the first half of the year, while the second flagship with improved features come in the second half. The OnePlus 7 has already managed to gain a huge army of fans. Now it’s the turn of its sibling.

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