Apple Plans To Put The Face ID Under The Screen

Apple’s “Face ID” function is indeed a very useful innovation, but the only regret is that the iPhone is covered with big bangs. Since the iPhone X adopted the “Liu Haiping” design, users have never stopped complaining about these bangs. Since Apple always follows the opinions of users, it is constantly working to exclude those bangs. However, from the perspective of functionality, directly removing the bangs means that Apple will abandon the “Face ID” function. It goes without saying that this is also unacceptable for users. 

However, in the future, iPhone is planning to cancel the bang design. Besides, Apple’s iPhone can reach payment-level face recognition with the 3D sensor and other light sensors. Currently, Apple is thinking of ways to change these sensors so that they can operate under the screen. 

Apple Patent Application

On March 4, the company has applied for a new patent to put the Face ID sensor components under the screen. In a patent application, Apple listed a system that locates the light detection layer into the display stack. The patent gives two direct examples claiming that the light sensor can combine the object image of the touch screen. The patent believes that the iPhone can also include an ambient light sensor. If this patent can be implemented, the future iPhone will be able to realize the under-screen fingerprint and under-screen 3D face recognition functions.

Earlier, there were reports that Apple is seeking to minimize the bangs and may re-introduce Touch ID in the future. This patent application is likely to be one of the key technologies to achieve the goal. For users, having two sets of biometric identification systems will definitely bring greater convenience.

On the other hand, Apple has to think more. The under-screen sensor technology and the gradual cancellation of smartphone interfaces may create more visually integrated smartphone products in the future.

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