Apple Wants To Completely Reverse The Poor Signal Of Smartphones

For Apple, they are solving the biggest shortcoming on the iPhone. It is the problem of poor signal. Recently, many iPhone 12 users in Apple Community and Post Bar have reported the problem of poor smartphone signal. Some users said that iPhone 12 often has no signal, the airplane mode is useless. And also the phone must be restarted. Apple’s customer service said that it has not received a notification of a hardware problem, possibly due to software conflicts and intermittent problems.

According to a DigiTimes report, Apple is increasing its investment in the design and development of its own antennas, because this is more important in the 5G era. If you blindly use third-party solutions, you will inevitably have a car overturn. In fact, in this year’s iPhone 12, Apple has already taken action. For example, in the US market version, it has Apple’s self-designed package antenna (Antenna-in-Package, AiP) to support millimeter wave (mmWave). The report mentioned that Apple will expand this usage ratio in the iPhone 13 series. At the same time the RF front-end module (RF-FEM) is also in Apple’s future independent plan.

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Some people in the industry said that as the commercialization of 5G becomes stronger, it will drive more and more terminals to support this network. So the integration of RF-FEM is getting higher and higher. When smartphones require more and more RF-FEM devices, RF-FEM must increase the integration level. So it will control the actual size of the entire radio frequency system within an appropriate range. At present, some manufacturers are already developing solutions that integrate low-noise amplifiers and switch modules. So, Apple is also working in this direction, and mainly self-developed.

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