Apple Will Launch At Least 4 iPhone 5G Smartphones In 2020

According to many various media reports, the outside world is very optimistic about Apple’s 5G version of the iPhone. People believe that Apple’s first batch of iPhone 5G will “open the door to smartphone upgrades.”

The report pointed out that of Apple’s 900 million users, about 350 million iPhones are currently in the upgrade window period. Apple’s first batch of 5G-enabled smartphones is going to enter the market in September next year. Especially users in the Chinese market will become the main consumers of these models.

In the report we read that Apple will prepare 4 iPhone 5G versions next year. These four smartphones will come with 6.1-inch, 6.1-inch, 5.4-inch and 6.7-inch displays accordingly. All the new iPhone 5G smartphones will use Qualcomm Snapdragon X55 baseband.

iPhone 5G

There is also news that Apple plans to add more advanced image stabilization components to the iPhone in 2020. The current iPhone supports optical image stabilization, while next year’s iPhone may support sensor displacement image stabilization. Optical image stabilization refers to the setting of optical components, such as lens settings. The latter helps to avoid or reduce the phenomenon of instrument jitter that occurs during the capture of optical signals, thereby improving imaging quality.

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Sensor displacement stabilization is to compensate for hand shake through the displacement of related components. Tus it achieves the purpose of image stabilization.

The report also mentioned that there is no obvious difference between the two technologies of optical image stabilization and sensor displacement image stabilization. However, it is worth considering if you consider the internal space and cost of the iPhone. On the iPhone 11 Pro, both telephoto lenses and wide-angle lenses support optical image stabilization, but ultra-wide-angle lenses do not.


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