Black Shark 4 Exceeds 788,000 In AnTuTu, But It’s Not Enough

Yesterday, Black Shark Technology CEO Luo Yuzhou announced that the Black Shark 4 gaming phone is coming soon. Plus, the company’s official Weibo channel revealed that it supports 120W fast charging and has a built-in 4500mAh battery. As a result, the charging time is less than 15 minutes.

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In addition, Luo Yuzhou also announced the laboratory running score of the new machine. According to the company’s executive, the Black Shark 4 exceeds 788,505 points in AnTuTu.

Black Shark 4 AnTuTu

Luo Yuzhou said: ‘In order to have more powerful performance for the new function, the engineers of Black Shark have been forced by me to be a bit miserable recently. Today, I ran a point in the laboratory and it was less than 800,000. We have to work hard.’

According to a well-known Weibo blogger, the Black Shark 4 uses an ultra-high-refresh rate OLED screen with a resolution of 2400×1080, and the development code is ‘kaiser’.

In December last year, Qualcomm released a new generation of flagship chip Snapdragon 888 at the Snapdragon Technology Summit, and announced that Android smartphone makers including Asus, Black Shark, Lenovo, LG, Meizu, Motorola, Nubia, Realme, OnePlus, OPPO, Sharp, VIVO, Xiaomi, and ZTE are all developing smartphones based on Snapdragon 888.

The first models are already out. In late December, Xiaomi launched the Mi 11. And yesterday, VIVO released the iQOO 7. But we guess the Black Shark 4 won’t be the third model. There are many others in the queue.

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