Black Shark 4

Black Shark 4 Has A Feature That Has Surpassed iPhone 12 Pro

Today, Black Shark CEO Luo Yuzhou said that the Black Shark 4 has a feature that has surpassed the iPhone 12 Pro in the experimental stage. However, the Black Shark CEO did not disclose the details of this function.

Black Shark 4

Compared with the iPhone 12 Pro, the Black Shark gaming phone currently leads in terms of high refresh rate. It also leads in terms of fast charging and heat dissipation. The new feature revealed by Luo Yuzhou may be presented on the next generation of Black Shark gaming phones.

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According to the naming rules of Black Shark gaming phones, the next generation of Black Shark gaming phones may be named the Black Shark 4. It is expected that this handset will have Qualcomm’s new generation flagship processor Snapdragon 875. Not only that, the next-generation Black Shark gaming phone may also provide two choices of standard version and Pro version.

Xiaomi’s next-generation flagship Xiaomi Mi 11 will be the first commercial model to come with the Snapdragon 875.

It is worth mentioning, that Black Shark Technology is a smartphone brand invested by Xiaomi Technology. So the next generation of Black Shark gaming phones will also be the first batch of commercial Snapdragon 875 models. If Xiaomi Mi 11 is released in January, then the next generation of Black Shark 4 gaming phones may debut in February.

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