Does Nokia Have New Rugged Phone?Nokia 800 Coming

If it comes to three defenses, we believe many people will think of SONY. But if you add a limit to it: the function machine, probably more people will think about Nokia. Nokia today announced its new three-proof phone, namely the Nokia 800.

Yesterday, Nokia’s official microblog released its first round of heating of the new three-proof machine. Nokia suggesting that the new rugged phone will have anti-dust, waterproof and anti-falling features.

Then, today, Nokia’s official microblog announced that the three-proof device, the Nokia 800 will be launched on December 24.

From the description and appearance of the phone, we can see that the Nokia 800 can soak for up to 30 minutes in 1.5-meter depth water. The whole fuselage should be covered with rubber or similar materials. It should be one of the reasons for the better three-proof effect.

As for the system, the Nokia 800, should run on the KaIOS system, supporting 4G Volte and Wi-Fi. It can provide a good network experience. But don’t think too much about software ecology.

The Nokia 800 will be released on the morning of December 24. So on this date, you will be able to know the price of the phone and when it will go on sale. In our opinion, this rugged phone will be very good for those who have an active lifestyle.


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