Foldable Apple iPhone To Be Launched In 2023 With A Stylus Pen

Apple announced that rumors about the foldable iPhone are not uncommon. Earlier it was revealed that Foxconn is testing two folding screen iPhone prototypes. Both of them will use Samsung OLED panels. Today, Omdia, a foreign market research organization, predicts Apple’s future iPhone, stating that the folding screen iPhone will be launched in 2023.

Omdia said that the size of the foldable iPhone screen can reach 7.3-7.6 inches after unfolding. And it is the way of folding up and down for the previous rumors and renderings. On previous occasions, there was no mention of the product’s extra features. But according to the report, the new iPhone might get pen support. It’s not clear if Apple Pencil support will be present or if the company will release a brand new stylus specifically for the foldable iPhone. Given that the rumored screen real estate is plentiful, users might find some utility for the accessory. According to the current status that the iPad has generally supported Apple Pencil, the possibility that the new iPhone supports stylus pens will be great. There is no technical difficulty.

Galaxy Z Fold 2

In addition, we learned that Samsung’s current folding screen smartphone Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G adopts a horizontal flip and folding scheme. The screen size reaches 7.6 inches. The phone costs 16,999 yuan. Moreover, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 sports a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 + processor.

Research institutions said that the price of Apple’s foldable iPhone is going to be around US$1,500, or about 9681 yuan. This is an inference made considering that the manufacturing cost of folding screens will drop significantly after two years. At present, many screen manufacturers in China are increasing the production of flexible OLED screens. We also expect the variety of new folding screens to be released in 2021.

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