Folding Screen of Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 Adopts Internal Folding Solution

DSCC founder and CEO Ross Young said today that the first folding screen smartphone of Xiaomi will be released soon. According to reports, this new machine also may be officially designated as the sequel to the Mi MIX series, such as the Mi MIX 4 Pro Max. The screen is supplied by Huaxing Optoelectronics. In addition, Xiaomi model with the model number M2011J18C passed the audit and certification of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology last month. However, it has not released more information. A Weibo blogger revealed that this machine is the first folding screen of Xiaomi, with no openings on the front.

In addition, the Weibo blogger said today that the J18 inward folding solution is not as clever as that of the Mate X2. Moreover, the internal structure is similar to Fold 2. Both will have the 1/1.28″ IMX700y sensor and support 10X optical zoom. The positioning of the J18 is obviously different. The battery is larger and faster, and the image is flat.

DSCC founder and CEO Ross Young once said that Xiaomi is expected to launch three folding screen smartphones in 2021. They will use the outer folding type, the inner folding type and the clamshell type. They are the three mainstream forms at present. In addition, the design of the outward-folding model is similar to the Huawei Mate X. So the size is larger than the other two models. In addition, the screen refresh rate of Xiaomi’s folding screen smartphone is 90Hz (engineering machine). However, it also can be 120Hz. It also uses Samsung’s latest UTG flexible glass technology. Among them, the new Xiaomi folding screen, code-named Cetus, has a 108MP camera. The latter also seems to run MIUI12 based on Android 11.

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