Global High-End Market List in 2019Q3: Apple Unrivaled In The World With 52% Market Share

The Counterpoint market research firm has released The Global High-End Market List for the latest third quarter of 2019. Apple, no suspense, ranked in the first position with a market share of 52%. Samsung is second with 25%. Huawei came in third place with a market share of 12%. Besides, OnePlus and LG also entered the list, with a 2% market share tied for fourth.

Huawei with 12% of the market share ranked in third place in The Global High-End Market List, although in the overall shipments have surpassed Apple and ranked the world’s second. It can be seen Huawei’s shipments mainly are with low-end models. Huawei’s Mate series 30 flagship models listed only 60 days, sold more than 7 million units. Also, the Mate 30 5G version series are on sale and it is expected that Huawei shipments will be further increased in the fourth quarter of the high-end market share.

In the list of the most striking domestic smartphones, the well-known OnePlus has a few numbers of annual releases. Besides, it only does high-end models. This time its share accounted for 2%, which fully shows that OnePlus in overseas has a strong brand influence.

Also, it is worth noting that the 5G smartphones market share accounted for 5% in the third quarter of 2019. In the 5G smartphones market, Samsung with 74% is ahead of the curve. LG with 11% is the second and the third is Vivo which has 5 %.

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