Google Pixel 4 design leaked with a mysterious sensor

Recently a design image is circulating all over the internet, featuring a region in the picture that has never seen before in any smartphone. Netizens have quite a guess about the role of this area.

Google Pixel 4 is going to feature better cameras with a high-end processor. However, the main attraction of the smartphone is definitely going to be its mysterious area that has never been seen before. According to some tech geeks, the surface will be black in color and come with an invisible sensor below. The latest sensor is known as “Soli Radar”.

Google Pixel 4

The Soli project was started by Google way back in 2015. It’s a radar-base sensor which senses the subtle movements of users and allows them to move their hands closer or away from electronic devices using specific gestures to isolate them. Prior to Google Pixel 4, the sensor was first introduced by LG in a similar fashion.

Other speculations of the “Soil Radar” includes that new sensors may be use for the True Tone function. Until now, the True Tone feature was exclusive to iOs users; it automatically detects and adjusts the color and intensity of the display according to the lighting conditions in your surroundings.

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The True Tone feature will color compensate for the white color of the screen under different lighting conditions. It means that suppose if you are reading an e-book, it will show the color of the paper.

The third and last guess is that its design is very similar to Face ID, which is the first 3D face verification method introduce by Apple. Facial ID captures the user’s facial image and processes it using an infrared point source onto the human face to form a digital image. This information allows the device to compare the user face with the model stored inside the mobile phone to determine whether to unlock.

Google Pixel 4

However, we still have to wait for the official news to come out and clear the air around Google Pixel 4 design.

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