Google Uses Centuries-Old Method To Collect User Data for Pixel 4

Google has a number of ways to collect user information, but based on overseas media reports, recently Google ceased some individuals on the road and gave them a $5 gift card in exchange for their Facial information. It’s reported that this is likely to train the Pixel 4 facial recognition system.

A New York man who had been intercepted by Google workers on the road said: I had been sitting at the park on a bright day and watched a number of people walking around with their cell telephones, like they were performing an investigation. Eventually, they came and explained to me”Hello, I’m working in Google, we’re collecting data to enhance the next generation of facial recognition phone unlocking.”

After accepting this deal, Google workers took out a cell phone with a massive protective case and allow the program on the telephone scan his face from various angles. Google workers then presented the guy with a $5 gift card of Amazon or even Starbucks, and then move on to try to find different participants that were ready to participate.

Regardless of the odd data collection process, Google is obviously attempting to collect additional facial information to train the Pixel 4 facial recognition method, possibly the Pixel 4 prototype with a massive protective case.

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