Xiaomi MIX folding screen smartphone

High-definition Renders of MIX Folding Screen Smartphone Leaked

The updated MIX Alpha after MIX 3 has become a castle in the sky because of the difficulty of mass production. For fans of true full screens, they have been looking forward to the debut of new MIX products. A few days ago, a Turkish fan drew a high-definition rendering of the so-called MIX Fold.

Xiaomi MIX folding screen smartphone

To put it simply, the Mi MIX folding screen smartphone adopts a book-style opening and closing design. And after unfolding, it has a huge flat screen with almost invisible creases.

Although there is no small secondary screen like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 on the back, the vertical screen and camera area for preview are designed on the left and right edges in a symmetrical manner.

Xiaomi MIX folding screen smartphone

The camera uses a triple-lens solution arranged vertically. Plus, some useful information such as events, notifications, battery power, and weather can be displayed on the preview screen.

Since the internal screen does not have any special-shaped elements, the realization of selfies should rely on technologies such as the under-screen camera.

Xiaomi MIX folding screen smartphone

In fact, Xiaomi’s folding screen smartphone had been spotted in the subway. And it made a huge stir around it. According to the picture, the main screen size of this folding screen phone of Xiaomi is larger. After unfolding, the overall size is more like a tablet. And the front does not come with a front camera and sensor openings. Unfortunately, the outside of the phone is covered with a leak-proof protective shell.  Though, we cannot see the specific design of the machine’s screen frame.

There are reports that Xiaomi’s most expensive flagship this year may break everyone’s imagination, but it’s not as expensive as the MIX Alpha’s 19,999 yuan ($3097).


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