Honor Not Canceled Note and Max Series

After the Honor 9X conference ended yesterday, Honor president Zhao Ming accepted the media interview. In the interview, Zhao Ming talked about many strategic directions of the company. Also, he mentioned the reason why the Honor Note series and Max series have not been updated this year.

Particularly, he explained why it is not the most efficient to develop such products from the perspective of the company’s investment income. Look, the large screen smartphone market operates under certain circumstances. The number of customers doesn’t change in time. Moreover, they already began buying new smartphones rarely. This is more obviously shown in the large-screen market.

However, Zhao Ming said they are working on new models, and the company will update both series in the nearest future. But he didn’t disclose the specific update cycle.

Something identical was implemented by Xiaomi. Before the launch of the CC line handsets, the company announced it will cancel all lines but the CC, original Mi, and MIX. Thus, they canceled the Note and Max lines as well.

It turns out almost all the manufacturers that have created the large-screen smartphone series to compete with Samsung’s Note line models are not supported anymore. On the contrary, the South Korean manufacturer is going to release the most powerful Note-marked smartphone in its history. This handset will combine all available innovations and become a real beast.

So what’s the reason Honor has decided to cancel Note and Max lines?

We have entered the era of 5G. This means the world we know will change. This is not a regular iteration from 4G to 5G. It’s way more than we imagine. 5G will be used in IoT devices. AI will be used more widely because the calculations will be implemented in the clouds. The data transfer speed will increase for multiple times. And maybe we will turn to another type of products, canceling smartphones.

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