Huawei Mate X Foldable is not Yet Ready for the Market

Earlier this year, Samsung and Huawei announced their Galaxy Fold and Mate X respectively. But both of them yet to hit the market shelves. Both of the smartphones are expected to adopt a foldable display and hinge design.

Accordingly, Samsung faced some issues related to the foldability and postponed the launch of Galaxy Fold. Correspondingly, Huawei also decides to delay the launch event for its Mate X to ensure the phone did not face such issues.

What are the issues for delay of Huawei Mate X?

As per the reports, Samsung is now ready to unveil its Galaxy Fold in September, but Huawei has yet to announce the launch date for its mate X.

As we all know, Huawei announced its Mate 20X smartphone in 5G version in China. After the event, He Gang, the director of Huawei’s consumer business mobile phone line, revealed in an interview that the company is still working to optimize the Mate X to meet our strict quality standards. The handset will go public only after covering up the quality measures.

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HUawei Mate X

He further said that Huawei is very cautious about quality concerns. We never let any of our products to hit the market without fulfilling the quality requirements.

Furthermore, on asking whether the Mate X will come with the same display design as the Galaxy Fold. He Gang said that nothing could be said in advance as the optimization process involves new technologies, new design methods etc.

He further added that the process seemed to be more challenging than our anticipations. We can also expect its release in September but not looking to compete with Samsung at this concern.

Concluding all, it looks like Huawei is nowhere close to announcing the Mate X release. As of now, it seems that Samsung will pip Huawei in a competition to release a foldable display smartphone.

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