Huawei Mate X Posters Hint At Imminent Launch

After the previous Huawei Nova 5 series conference, we heard that the Huawei Mate X is expected to be available from the end of July to the beginning of August. Also, the phone will go on sale in the Western European market before the end of September. But now it seems that the Mate X 5G will be available for purchase earlier. Some Huawei fans have already found the offline posters of this handset. They indicate that this folding screen smartphone will become available for purchase in the nearest future.

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The Mate X 5G poster reveal everything about the design and structure of the phone. The screen is 8 inches when expanded. And of course, the posters emphasize the support for 5G.

The selling point of the Huawei Mate X is not only the folding screen design but the 5G network support. At the same time, the manufacturer has tried to make it as simple and elegant as possible. As you guess, under the hood, our protagonist carries a number of very powerful hardware. Otherwise, it can’t cope with the 5G requirements.

As for the key features, the Huawei Mate X is equipped with Huawei’s first 7nm 5G multimode chip Baron 5000+ Kirin 980. It provides a stronger performance; 4.6Gbps peak download rate; NSA/SA two 5G networking support, etc.

We already said the Huawei Mate X adopts a flexible folding screen, which can realize a free folding of 0-180 degrees with an eagle-wing folding scheme. It can be up to 8 inches when unfolded. However, it can be turned into a 6.6-inch screen. The latter makes the handset more comfortable for single-hand operations. When unfolded, the phone turns into a full-featured tablet. By the way, the thickness of the fuselage is only 5.4mm.

Another selling point of the Huawei Mate X is the 4500mAh large battery, which supports 55W super-fast charge. It can charge up to 85% in 30 minutes.


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