Innolux Announces Its Own 5.99-Inch Folding Screen Smartphone

Folding screen smartphone is the highlight of this year. The requirements for the screen are also the highest. Recently, Innolux announced the launch of a 5.99-inch folding screen phone, which can be turned into a 7.8-inch tablet. It is expected to be mass-produced in Q2 2020.

At the MWC show in February this year, Samsung and Huawei released their own folding screen smartphones. This kind of product combines the dual attributes of smartphones and tablets. That’s why they have a lot of selling points. But we should also admit the folding screen brings a lot of challenges. Especially this is true for the screen. The hinge/shaft structure is a big problem.

Innolux folding screen smartphone

Innolux says that their 5.99-inch folding screen not only uses an ultra-narrow bezel design but also can be customized according to the users’ needs. It can be double-folded or triple-folded. After multiple folding, the middle shaft will not wrinkle. Plus, it adopts an LCD glass cover with high hardness and good wear resistance.

In addition, Innolux also said that its folding screen smartphone has many features. Two 5.99-inch screens can work separately using different applications. After opening, it will turn into a 7.8-inch tablet computer that is very convenient for e-sports and the business people.

Honestly, the Innolux folding screen smartphone is not the best, the only, or the first handset in its type. But if it can solve the problem of folding part (that is yet unreachable for both Huawei and Samsung), it may succeed a lot.


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