iPhone 11 Pro Max Rated as the Best Phone by Consumer Reports

Recently, the Consumers Union magazine released the new smartphone rankings. Apple’s new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max were selected as well.

The ‘Consumer Report’ praised the improvement of the battery life of iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max. In the test, the iPhone 11 Pro Max can run 40.5 hours. It is a huge change compared with 29.5 hours of the iPhone XS Max. At the same time, the iPhone 11 Pro lasted for 34 hours, while the iPhone 11 ran for 27.5 hours.

In order to find out how long the phone’s battery can be used, the Consumer Report uses an automatically programmed mechanical finger. The latter completed a series of simulations of the average consumer’s daily use. The robot uses the phone to browse the Internet, take photos, use GPS navigation, and of course, make a call.

In terms of camera quality, the Consumer Report did not provide details in the rankings. It only indicated that these devices received the ‘highest score’ in the photography category. In terms of the image quality of the rear camera, the three iPhone 11 models all received a ‘very good’ rating. This kept them in line with the competition.

The enhanced durability of the iPhone 11 series is also praised. All three phones passed the water-resistance test. Moreover, the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro Max passed the 100-difference durability test. Unfortunately, the iPhone 11 Pro samples were damaged in the drop test.

In the end, the Consumer Report gave the iPhone 11 Pro Max a total score of 95 points, followed by the iPhone 11 Pro with 92 points. The iPhone 11 has a total score of 89 points and is ranked eighth.

Here is the top ten list:

  1. iPhone 11 Pro Max
  2. iPhone 11 Pro
  3. Samsung Galaxy S10 +
  4. iPhone XS Max
  5. Samsung Galaxy S10
  6. Samsung Galaxy Note10 +
  7. iPhone XS
  8. iPhone 11
  9. Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G
  10. Samsung Galaxy Note 10

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