Is Redmi K30 Ultra Battery Life Good Enough?

Zhang Guoquan, director of the system software department of Xiaomi’s smartphone, revealed today that the new architecture based on the screen of the Redmi K30 Ultra has been tested yesterday. With MIUI12.5, it can be improved compared to the previous version. The overall battery life of about 5% is better in reading and video scenes.

A large number of users of the K30 Ultra in the Xiaomi community have reported that the battery life is not good. So, users in need can try to solve it by updating the latest developer beta system.

The system power consumption will rise

The Redmi K30 Ultra chose a 120HZ+ OLED screen that was very good at the time. In order to improve the display effect under high refresh rate, the system had to increase the clock speed and SOC Vcore voltages of the display end. At this time, the system power consumption will rise.

In addition, the new software architecture, and the image data changes flow from the single pipeline to the dual pipeline on the SOC platform side. It is equivalent to processing data in parallel. It does not need to increase the Vcore voltage too high. On the other hand, it achieves the purpose of saving power.

Based on the new dual pipeline architecture + MIUI12 .5, probably the overall battery life can be increased by about 5%.

The changes in the reading & video scenes are more profitable. The change is quite large. At the time, for example, the same structure of xxx products will not be changed.

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