Japanese media: Sony Xperia 2 Through FCC Certification

According to Japanese press news, Sony Xperia 2 through FCC certificate, or no headset jack.

Sony Xperia 2

▲through Sumahoinfo

In accordance with Sumahoinfo, Sony Xperia two is FCC certified. It must be said that since”EC270″ looks from the attachment listing. It usually means that Sony’s new mobile is not going to have a headphone jack. Additionally, other information didn’t disclose too much.

Sony Xperia 2

According to the prior info, Sony Xperia 2 cellular phone still utilizes the”fish display”, the display ratio remains 21:9. The ideal side of this phone remains a standard layout, using a volume adjustment button, a power button to your fingerprint sensor, and a camera. It needs to be said that the preceding representation information indicates that the fingerprint sensor along with the power button at this Sony new system are different, which remains making certain one longer. At the rear, three cameras are organized horizontally, but this time the camera goes to the top left side of the smartphone.

Obviously, the specifics of the particular Sony new Xperia phone have to be officially declared.

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