Leaked OPPO Find X3 To Come With Super Macro Lens

Recently, we have been getting many news concerning the OPPO Find X3. According to the Weibo blogger, the phone will use an OFILM lens module. At the same time it will add ring flash around the lens (refer to the exposed rendering). Its lens zoom is higher than existing smartphones. In addition, the blogger also said that the Find X3 can even capture the pixels on the screen, and its performance is comparable to that of a microscope.

OPPO Find X3

OPPO Find X3 Camera

The main camera of Find X3 adopts the new 50MP Sony IMX766 sensor. It can obtain higher pixels and ultra-wide angle of the outsole. At the same time, it will also come with a 3MP macro lens with 25x zoom and ring aperture. But it is speculated that the pixels of the macro lens should be far more than 3MP.

OPPO Find X3 Display

As the pioneering work of OPPO brand breakthrough, it is also the ideal work of ten years. The Find X3 can be regarded as the strongest generation in OPPO history. According to previous news, the OPPO Find X3 series will launch the industry’s first Android full-link color management system.

The full link 10bit covers the entire image processing process of acquisition, encoding, storage, decoding, and display. It has the ability to process 10bit data in all links, solving the problem of incompatibility of the underlying system with 10bit image information. At the same time, under the support of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 flagship processor, the Find X3 will have powerful performance and excellent imaging system.

OPPO CEO Chen Mingyong said that Find X3 will become a model of OPPO’s benevolent innovation, creating exciting products for users and making future lives better. The Find X3 will break the brand and become the first camp of high-end flagships in the world.

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