Lei Jun Confirmed: New Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 And Tablet Products Are Coming

The official WeChat account of Xiaomi released a video of Lei Jun’s conversation with Mi Fans tonight. Lei Jun revealed in the conversation that a new Mi MIX 4 machine will be launched this year. And the Mi tablet will also restart. Several senior executives of Xiaomi also revealed on Weibo that there will be new Xiaomi Mi MIX and Xiaomi tablets this year.

Lei Jun also pointed out that Xiaomi has included whole-house intelligence as one of its core strategies this year. In addition, this year’s whole-house intelligent display space will cover most of the country’s Xiaomi homes. The overall solution is also being launched at an accelerated pace, and cooperation with real estate, hotel, and other industries to accelerate business advancement, facilitate installation services, and lower user experience thresholds.


In terms of services, Lei Jun said that he will further improve the professionalism of services and increase the scale of expert customer service expansion. At the same time, special improvements such as the distribution of major appliances will be upgraded in the near future. In terms of smartphone appearance, Lei Jun revealed that this year everyone will see better ceramic and other craft designs.

Further, Lei Jun also said that Xiaomi is working hard to improve the friendliness of Xiaomi smartphones to the female community. It has worked hard in terms of lightness and beauty. Xiaomi Mi 11 has already received a good response. In the future, it will not be a purely female product line. But the design will meet female managers. They are responsible for the design, research and development, and other key positions of women’s aesthetics and women’s needs.

Mi MIX series

Xiaomi launched the latest MIX 3 of the Mi MIX series on October 25, 2018. It is the fourth product in the Mi MIX series. However, after more than two years, the Mi MIX 4 has not yet been released. In fact, there is no definite news about the name of the next-generation MIX. It has become the most anticipated Xiaomi phone.

It is also worth mentioning that under a Weibo on February 4, a netizen asked if a pen-supporting tablet could be produced. The official WeChat account of Xiaomi replied: Arrange. Xiaomi has never released any tablet that supports a stylus. If this promise is true, it indicates that Xiaomi will restart the tablet product line and bring more new elements to it.

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