Lenovo Lemon K12 Is About To Be Released

When the Redmi Note 9 series was about to be released not long ago, Lenovo smartrphones released a “6 Blade Out of the Sheath” promotional poster. That time, we were thinking that Lenovo is going to resurrect the Lemon series. On December 1, Lenovo officially announced that the Lemon K12 series will be officially released on December 9.

Today, Lenovo’s official Weibo channel preheated the Lemon K12 series. It says that there is no need to worry about the smartphone and holding a power bank like a brick. According to the posters announced by Lenovo Mobile, the large battery and long-lasting battery life will be one of the highlights of the Lemon K12 series.

Lenovo K12

Previously, the official warm-up poster stated that you cannot charge 99% of smartphone batteries on the market once every three days. This may be Lenovo’s suggestion that the Lemon K12 series can do this. The battery capacity of the Lenovo K12 series has reached 6000mAh. So, it surpasses most smartphones of the same level on the market.

Rebranded Moto G9 Power

According to the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, a total of two smartphones of model XT2091-7 and XT2081-4 have obtained network access permission. It should be the Lemon K12 series. The Lemon K12 series corresponds to Motorola’s MoTo G9 Power released in overseas markets in early November.

In this regard, the G9 Power has Snapdragon 662 processor with an integrated Adreno 610 GPU. It also uses the X11 LTE integrated baseband, and only supports 4G networks. In terms of cameras, the machine uses a 3-camera matrix arrangement similar to the iPhone 12. It has a 64-megapixel main camera of f/1.79 + 2MP macro + 2-megapixel depth-of-field lenses combination. The front has an f /2.25 16-megapixel lens. In addition, it uses a 6.78-inch single punch screen with a resolution of 1640X720. The price of this machine is at 199 Euros in Europe.

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