Meizu Will Launch A 5G Smartphone Next Year

In recent years, 5G is the most eye-catching and most popular network technology. On July 14, Meizu President Huang Zhang attended the forum to answer questions from users, indicating that 5G development will take time. The 5G smartphone was stupid and heavy at the beginning. Even if only 4G is used, power consumption is still not developed. So Meizu will launch 5G smartphones. But for consumers, 5G smartphones will mature in the next year.

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5G smartphones are the trend. But before the development of 5G phones, the popularity of 5G networks is also a prerequisite. At present, the 5G network has not yet been fully established. But all smartphone manufacturers are rushing to develop 5G devices. In such an environment, the security and stability of the 5G commercial handsets are clearly not guaranteed.

Huang Zhang said before: ‘Definitely, we have to do 5G smartphones. But the 5G first generation products are test machines. The second generation is the improved version of the test machines. So the third generation is the early mature products users should get their hands on. Ordinary users do not have to be too anxious. There is no need to buy a 5G semi-finished product to increase the unnecessary burden.’ According to this, there is still a long way for 5G smartphones to go before it matures.

The development of 5G smartphones is urgent. But it doesn’t mean we should pay a fortune for a smartphone that won’t do what it has been made for. In this sense, Meizu knows what it is doing. Although we are sure this company won’t let us wait for a long time.    


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