MIUI 11 May Remove Some Ads From The System

On May 26, one of Mi fans asked Wang Teng, product director of Xiaomi Company through Weibo: When will MIUI 11 come? What to expect from MIUI 11? Wang Teng replied to the user, and his comments made a stir.

Previously, MIUI Team’s official Weibo channel announced the PUI of MIUI 11, which was positioned as a ‘new and unique OS’. MIUI product manager said in the interaction with the user that ‘MIUI 10’s design style is not fully applied to the system. We are working overtime to do a unified design. I hope that MIUI 11 will gain everyone’s praise. Of course, the icons will be definitely new.


As for the MIUI advertising issue that everyone cares about, Xiaomi, the founder and CEO of Xiaomi Group said that Xiaomi will resolutely remove the ‘telegraph pole advertisements’ that affect the user experience and the vulgar ‘old military advertisements’.

Bai Peng, general manager of Xiaomi Internet Business Department, said in an interview that commercialization usually means more advertising space and more money. ‘But we have to restrain. Xiaomi now wants to reduce the number of advertisements. So each ad slot can achieve thousands of algorithms, improve the reach efficiency, and let users feel that the ads we push are what users need.

There are not many details released by Xiaomi in this regard, but some other little anticipation regards a new extreme energy saving mode, capable of deactivating all smartphone functions, except for calls and SMS, and transforming the entire interface in grayscale to save the remaining battery power.

According to the information from MIUI forums, the long list of devices planned for a scheduled upgrade to MIUI 11 follows:


Mi 9, Mi 8, Mi 8 SE, Mi 8 Pro, Mi 8 Explorer Edition, Mi 6, Mi Mix 3, Mi Mix 2s, Mix Mix 2, Mi Mix, Mi Note 3, Mi Note 2 Mi Max 3 Mi Max 2, Mi Max, Mi Play, Mi 6Χ Mi 5c, Mi 5Χ, Mi 5s, Mi 5s Plus


RedMi Note 7, RedMi Note 6/Pro, RedMi Note 5/Pro, RedMi Note 5Α, RedMi Note 4, RedMi Note 4X, RedMi 6, RedMi 6Α, RedMi 6 Pro, RedMi 5, RedMi 5Α, RedMi 5 Plus, RedMi 4, RedMi 4Α, RedMi 4Χ, RedMi 3s, RedMi 3Χ, RedMi S2


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