New Xiaomi Patent Shows Dual-Screen Design and More

Xiaomi is always chasing new technologies, new designs and everything that can make people’s lives more comfortable. Recently, some sources announced that the company has newly applied for a Xiaomi patent. In addition to a screen on the front of the fuselage, an additional secondary screen has been added to the back of the fuselage. At present, the role of this secondary screen is unknown, and it is speculated that it will be used for some functions such as the rear camera selfie and information screen.

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According to the Xiaomi patent, the front of the fuselage carries a full screen, and there is no front camera seen. Below the camera on the back of the fuselage, we can find a secondary screen. The screen displays ‘Quick Operation’ and ‘Smart Home’. It is speculated that this is the same as that proposed by Xiaomi. We mean it is closely related to the smartphone + AloT dual-engine strategy. Maybe this secondary screen on the back of the fuselage can perform related shortcut operations in addition to the normal selfie and information screen functions, and start smart home with one click.

By the way, this is not the first handset with such a form factor. A year ago, VIVO released the NEX dual-screen version. So maybe Xiaomi has found something interesting in this device.

At present, the design and functions of the second screen of a dual-screen smartphone are different. For example, the secondary screen of the VIVO NEX dual-screen version can be used for self-timer selfies, personalized screens, and back touch. The second screen uses an ink screen, which is mainly used to read the text.


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