New Xiaomi Smartphone With Snapdragon 865 Appeared on GeekBench

We knew Xiaomi will launch a super flagship smartphone quite soon. And it’s conditionally called Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Super-Cup Edition. We know almost everything about this hands. But the entire information came our way from leaks and rumors. There is nothing official yet. As for now, it turns out there will be another flagship handset on the road. Today, a mysterious Xiaomi smartphone appeared on GeekBench.

Xiaomi smartphone

In the single-core test, it scored 912 points, while in the multi-core test, it reached 3304 points. The model is xiaomi M2007J3SG, code-named Apollo.

One of the most popular Wiebo tipster proves this Xiaomi smartphone will come with a 108MP camera. According to previous reports, the Apollo Xiaomi smartphone will be equipped with a 120Hz high refresh rate screen. And in the screenshot, we can see it has an 8GB RAM. Most likely, the chip is the Snapdragon 865.

However, we can’t claim this is not the called Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Super-Cup Edition. We mean many will say the latter won’t come with a 108MP main camera. But yesterday, we came in with an article that says a Weibo blogger announced that this phone is not going to come with a 108MP main camera. Instead, the main camera will have a 48MP resolution.

Of course, this refers to the main camera. The 108MP camera sensor may be used as an ultra-wide angle lens. And the configuration may be 48MP main camera + 48MP ultra telephoto + 12MP zoom + 108MP ultra wide angle.

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