Nubian Z20 Camera Zoom Sample Exposure

Nubia will hold a Nubian Z20 new product launch conference with the theme of “To Image” on August 8th in Beijing. Recently, Ni Fei’s co-founder Ni Fei released a Weibo post displaying you the two real shots of the Nubian Z20.

Nubian Z20

However, Ni Fei did not elaborate on the zoom factor of the Nubian Z20 while taking photos in the Weibo post. Some people speculate that the Nubian should adopt a 20x hybrid zoom technology. After all, the Axon 10 5G of the parent company of Namibia used 20x hybrid zoom technology, combined with Ni Fei’s Weibo and proofs. Therefore, the Nubian is likely to use a 20x hybrid zoom technology.   

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