OPPO Find X3 Series Officially Announced Global Release On March 11

Yesterday, OPPO officially announced that it will officially release the Find X3 series on March 11, 2021, Beijing time. Officials are sure that as the “ideal work” of OPPO’s ten-year exploration, the series will bring breakthroughs in smartphone color. Besides, the new color imaging flagship series will guarantee consumers the ultimate experience with innovative technology and powerful performance.

Previously, at the OPPO Future Technology Conference 2020, OPPO took the lead to release the first Android full-link color management system. It can cover the collection, encoding, storage, decoding, and display of the entire 10bit image processing link. The only problem of color loss is the image data transmission between various links of smartphones. The OPPO Find X3 series will be the first to have a full-link color management system, and bring better color performance through hardware and software innovations.

The Find X3 series, which was born in 2011, has launched 7 generations of products. Among them, the Finder set the world’s thinnest body record at that time. Besides, the Find 5 has unique screen aesthetics, and the first Find X supports a dual-track periscope structure. So, the Find X3 series will gain its fame with the full-link color management system, 10bit image processing, etc.

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