Real Xiaomi Folding Screen Smartphone Leaked With MIUI 12

In the past two years, major smartphone manufacturers have been making efforts to fold screen devices.  But currently, only a few manufacturers such as Huawei and Samsung can achieve mass production. Now, Xiaomi may also break this situation. This afternoon, some users revealed that they saw a device that looked like a Xiaomi folding screen phone on the subway. That smartphone was using a similar internal folding solution to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold, running the MIUI 12 system.

Xiaomi Folding screen smartphone

However, from the picture, the size of this folding screen device of Xiaomi is still relatively large.

In fact, Xiaomi’s internal research and development of folding screen equipment have started several years ago.  As early as January 2019, co-founder and vice-chairman of Xiaomi Group Lin Bin demonstrated the Xiaomi folding screen engineering machine.

Xiaomi Folding screen smartphone

This device also uses a double-folding solution. And it perfectly combines the experience of the tablet and smartphone. Unfortunately, this folding screen smartphone was not mass-produced to market.

3 folding screen smartphones

On the other hand, it is also worth mentioning that Xiaomi may bring three folding screen smartphones to the market next year. Moreover, there are three different industrial design forms, namely, external fold, internal fold, and clamshell.

In other words, in addition to the internal folding models exposed this time, the company will also launch two different types of folding-screen phones this year.

Further, according to the news, the Xiaomi folding screen device will use UTG ultra-thin flexible glass technology from Samsung. The current engineering machine can support a 90Hz refresh rate display. On the other hand, seems like that it may also support a 120Hz refresh rate in the future.

According to previous revelations, these three folding screen devices may probably meet us this year.

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