Red Magic Gaming Phone 6 Pro Released: 120W Fast Charge

Tonight, the Red Magic Gaming Phone 6 Pro was officially released. This phone is upgraded to a 120W air-cooled turbo charger. It also comes with a 20000 rpm fan. The deuterium front transparent version costs from 4399 yuan ($660) to 5599 yuan ($840).

Red Magic Game Phone 6 Pro Price:

  • 12GB+128GB: 4399 yuan ($660)
  • 12GB+256GB: 4799 yuan ($720)
  • 16GB+256GB: 5299 yuan ($795)
  • 16GB+256GB deuterium front transparent version: 5599 yuan ($840)
  • 18GB+512GB Deuterium Front Transparent Edition: 6599 yuan ($990)

The back cover of the Red Magic Gaming Phone 6 Pro combines metal and glass. And the metal area accounts for close to 60%. The two colors are low-key and restrained black iron and pure and cold ice blade silver.

Red Magic 6 Pro

The Gaming Phone Pro supports 120W air-cooled turbo fast charging, and comes standard with a 120W Black Cube GaN charger. It is also worth mentioning that it is tested by Tencent Red Magic Lab. It can charge up to 50% of a 4500mAh double-cell large battery in 5 minutes. The Red Devils Gaming Phone Pro uses a brand-new charging separation mode. At the same time, the current flows across the battery to directly supply the phone system. It not only relieves the hot problem when charging while playing, but also effectively prolongs the battery life.

In terms of performance, Tencent’s Red Devils gaming phone 6 Pro reached a new high in running scores. AnTuTu scored 782668 points and Master Lu scored 938175 points.

Red Magic 6 Pro

Finally, Tencent Red Magic game phone 6 Pro deuterium front transparent version comes on the stage. This phone can see the precision components under the transparent body and the cool RGB lighting effect of the built-in fan.

In terms of parameters, Tencent Red Magic gaming phone 6 Pro sports a Snapdragon 888 processor. It comes with a 165Hz refresh rate screen, up to 18GB full blood LPDDR5 memory and 512GB UFS 3.1 flash memory. As we mentioned above, the battery capacity is 4500mAh, and also supports 120W fast charging. Tencent’s Red Magic game phone 6 Pro will go on sale on March 11.

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