Redmi 9 Launched In China And Available For Pre-order

Recently, Redmi officially announced the Redmi 9 Chinese version. It is known for ‘defining the new standard for entry-level machines in 2020’. It has already gone on pre-order at a price tag of 799 yuan ($113), below a thousand yuan.

The Redmi 9 has four colors, including the gentle and elegant ‘lotus powder’, the youthful ‘Ocean Green’, the quiet and deep ‘Carbon Gray’, and the gorgeous and psychedelic ‘Neon Blue’.

This handset uses a 1080P (FHD+) screen of the mainstream flagship phones. When you light up the screen, the edges of the text are sharp, the image is clear and subtle, and there is no graininess when you look at it. This real and delicate picture will cause a high degree of comfort for your eyes.

Under the hood, it carries the Helio G80 high-performance gaming chip. Its score in AnTuTu exceeds 200,000, which is double that of the previous generation. It can smoothly run daily applications and even play large games to achieve almost full frame effect.

The Redmi 9 comes with an AI full-scene quad-camera, compared with the previous generation, the number of lenses has doubled. There are additional macro and super wide-angle lenses. So it can record the stunning micro world, and can also include more pictures when shooting landscapes and buildings.

The Redmi 9 supports ‘AI Magic Kaleidoscope’ and can create unique movie special effects.

Apart from this, our protagonist supports dual-band WiFi, 5G WiFi with faster network speed and 2.4G WiFi with strong wall penetration capability. Whichever you choose, the network speed is stable and fast.

The Redmi 9 sports a large battery of 5020mAh, which can:

  1. Standby for 27.9 days continuously
  2. Broadcast 24 episodes of TV series
  3. Continuously listen to 3640 songs.

So you only have to charge once every two days. It also supports 18W fast charge. It should be noted that the 18W charger needs to be purchased separately. Redmi 9 upgrades the charging port to Type-C.

The Redmi 9 comes standard with 4GB memory + 64GB storage start, and 6GB+128GB optional.


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