Redmi Gaming Smartphone To Be Ultimately Cost-Effective

We know that Redmi is going to enter the gaming smartphones market. But gaming phones have strict requirements for heat dissipation and gaming performance. Many Mi fans are worried that the Redmi brand, which pursues cost-effectiveness, cannot meet the requirements. However, Lu Weibing said that Redmi gaming phones are going to become pioneers.

Redmi Gaming smartphone

We also know that Redmi gaming phone has set an official strategic cooperation with Call of Duty Mobile Game (National Service). Thus, it will be genius gaming smartphone. On the other hand, the Redmi gaming phones will definitely pursue cost-effectiveness as always. Obviously, the price will be very cheap. There is every reason to think the starting price will be 2000 yuan ($307).

Earlier, Lu Weibing emphasized that large batteries are just needed in the 5G era. The 4000mAh battery of a 5G smartphone is approximately equivalent to the 3200mAh of a 4G smartphone. Such a battery capacity is not enough at present. 4000mAh is the red line for battery life and cannot be touched.

As Redmi’s first gaming phone, Redmi’s new product wants to ensure a strong battery life. Its battery capacity is expected to exceed 4500mAh, and the possibility of exceeding 5000mAh is not ruled out.

Regrettably, the name of this Redmi gaming phone is currently unknown.

Redmi gaming phone

As for hardware, it is going to sport the Dimensity 1200 flagship processor. The chip is based on a 6nm process and adopts the Cortex A78 architecture. In other words, it has a first-echelon performance.

Lu Weibing said that they will still implement Redmi efficiency under the brand mission of the ultimate cost-effectiveness, and use a more generous price to provide professional gaming experience to the general public, breaking the bottom line of the price of gaming phones.

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