Redmi K20 Pro Screen Overclocked To 75Hz After Root

The screen refresh rate is very important for any product. But it’s vital for smartphones because we use this devices most of the time. Recently, ASUS announced the Rog Gaming Phone 2 with a refresh rate of 120Hz. But this is a gaming phone and we have been waiting for it to have a high refresh rate. We can’t say the same for the Black Shark 2 Pro. Its screen’s refresh rate is 60Hz only. However, this is not a problem anymore. Great God can increase the refresh rate of any smartphone. Recently, they successfully overclocked the Xiaomi Mi 9’s screen to 84Hz. Today, they demonstrated the Redmi K20 Pro with an overclocked screen as well.

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It is reported that the Redmi K20 Pro screen has been upgraded to 75Hz. But as you guess, it requires rooting and other operations. So we don’t recommend you to do it yourself.

Redmi K20 Pro

Zhang Guoquan, director of the smartphone system software department of Xiaomi, said that he is very grateful to everyone for their love of Xiaomi. This is also the original intention of Xiaomi to continue to open the root for everyone. Xiaomi phone is a technology expert. And the forum was played as a development platform for others.

As for why the manufacturer does not do these functions, Zhang Guoquan explained that the company needs to ensure the hardware life, no impact on hardware consistency and reliability, and comprehensive evaluation of performance and power stability and user experience.

As you understand, when Xiaomi (or another manufacturer) designs a smartphone, it thinks to bring a balanced handset not a top-notch model. Of course, they can put all the best features into one device. But do you imagine how much it will cost and what a look it will have?


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