Redmi K40 Poster Discloses Camera Information

Since last month, Xiaomi has begun to warm up the Redmi K40 series, and has revealed a lot of configuration information. We even learned about its possible price. So there is no need to hold the Redmi K40 series conference! However, the ceremony is still necessary. Not long ago, Xiaomi has announced its release time, which is set to happen on February 25. Today, Xiaomi has once again warmed up the phone and announced the appearance of the phone for the first time.

Redmi K40

Redmi K40 Design

Judging from the official picture, the rear lens module of the Redmi K40 series is not much different from the previous leaks. The overall design is similar to the Xiaomi Mi 11. However, we can see from the rendering that the K40 in the picture uses a three-camera design, perhaps a standard version. The top large lens should be the main camera, and it has an angel eye design. There are two openings in the middle, one for the lens and one for the sensor. After all, judging from the real machine pictures leaked before, it seems that the phone uses a quad-camera design. There is the word 108MP pixels next to it. So there is every reason to think we are dealing with the standard version.

Redmi K40

Only Two Versions

At the same time, Lu Weibing, the person in charge of Redmi, also published a long article explaining the definition of the Redmi K40 series dual flagships, saying that the K40 series this time is too cruel! Among them, in order to achieve dual flagship performance, the Redmi K40 series also cut off the so-called ‘middle cup model’! So there are only two models. Thus, the K40 series this time will be very different from the K30 series. You must know that the K30 and K30 Pro use the Snapdragon 7 series and the Snapdragon 8 series chips, respectively. So can we assume that the Redmi K40 smartphones will sport only the Snapdragon 8 series chips? We guess the Redmi K40 standard version will sport a Snapdragon 870 chip, while the Redmi K40 Pro will come with a Snapdragon 888 chip.

Redmi K40

The Pro variant will starts at 2,999 yuan ($462), while the standard version will cost 2399 yuan ($370).

Redmi K40 Features

As for other configurations, we know that there will be the most expensive direct screen in the industry. So it should be an OLED screen made of E4. The refresh rate may reach 120Hz, making up for the ‘mistakes’ K30 Pro once made. It should be noted that the Redmi K40 series did not continue the lifting front camera of the previous generation, but adopted a centered punch-hole screen. It also has the smallest aperture in the industry!

At present, the Redmi K40 and Redmi K40 Pro have passed the network access certification of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. According to information from TENAA, the measurements of the Redmi K40 series are 163.7×76.4×7.8mm, and the battery capacity reaches 4500mAh. A 4500mAh large-capacity battery can be inserted into the 7.8mm bodyreal, which has achieved a certain balance between battery life and thickness.

The internal code name of the Redmi K40 series is ‘Alioth’, and the phone model is M2012K11AC/AG. It has passed multiple certifications. They also showed a 4520mAh battery, Snapdragon 870 / Snapdragon 888 chips, LPDDR5 memory, UFS 3.1 storage, etc.

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