Redmi K40 Pro

Redmi K40 Pro / Pro+ Announced Along Base Version

Today, apart from the base version of the Redmi K40, the company also announced the Redmi K40 Pro and the Redmi K40 Pro+.

Redmi K40 Pro


The Redmi K40 Pro specially customizes the “Mo Yu” color for hardcore players. After multiple complex processes, micron-level transfer, it reproduced the fastest knife pattern – Damascus steel knife. There are three colors of ink feather, sunny snow, and fantasy.


The Snapdragon 888 inside the Redmi K40 Pro uses Qualcomm’s first new X1 super-large core, which increases peak performance by 30%; the full-blood version of LPDDR5 has further improved sequential read and write speeds; a large power of 4520mAh ensures excellent performance and priority for continuous navigation; WiFi 6 enhanced version provides a doubled Internet speed (the 1GB movie is loaded in 5.3 seconds).


The entire Redmi K40 series comes with an E4 AMOLED screen as standard. It has achieved a total of 11 DisplayMate records and obtained “A + certification”. It is close to a textbook-like perfect screen.

The entire Redmi K40 series supports 360° super light sensing technology. The front and back of the phone are equipped with light sensors. It supports 8192 levels of brightness adjustment, brightness changes more smoothly. In addition, it also supports True Tone true color display for the first time. Due to a built-in dedicated ambient light sensor, it makes the display color temperature more in line with the environmental color temperature.

Redmi K40 Pro


In terms of battery life, the Redmi K40 series comes with a 4500mAh large-capacity battery to meet the needs of one day of battery life. It supports 33W fast charge. So the phone can charge to 100% in 52 minutes, and quickly return to full charge under low battery. While ensuring battery life, the Redmi K40 series has a body of only 7.8mm, and the whole machine is more slender, making it light and thin.


The Redmi K40 Pro+ sports the third-generation 100-megapixel HM2 Sensor + 1/1.52″ outsole; 9 in 1 ultra-large fusion pixels + dual native ISO + Super Night Scene 2.0. It also supports night scene video recording in ultra-dark light environments. Super AI performance brings the fun of “computational photography” to the extreme. The rest of the camera features include macro time-lapse photography, super night scene video version, etc.

Redmi K40 Pro

There is also an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens and an equivalent 50mm telephoto macro lens. The K40 Pro main camera has a 64MP resolution.

Redmi K40 Pro

The 100 million-pixel ultra-clear main camera supports nine-in-one 2.1μm large pixels, which can greatly improve the low-light imaging performance. It also supports dual native ISO technology, which can ensure that the dark parts have details in the scene of high light ratio, and the highlights are not exposed. The 119° super wide-angle lens is more suitable for landscape, architecture and group photo shooting. The telephoto macro lens has an equivalent focal length of 50mm, which is twice that of the conventional macro lens on the market. At the same distance, the magnification is higher and the details are clearer, which greatly improves the practicality of the macro camera.

Other Features

In addition, the Redmi K40 Pro series supports game network optimization, WiFi 6 enhanced version and instant signal connection. Due to dual Bluetooth connection, you can connect two speakers to create cinema sound effects. The rest of the features include NFC, dual-frequency GPS, infrared remote control, multi-scene all-round response.

Redmi K40 Pro

In addition, the entire Redmi K40 series supports Dolby Atmos dual speakers, which can bring shocking stereo effects and enhance the sense of space and presence of the sound. It can also recognize different sound sources and different playback scenes in real time, optimize the performance of human voice, bass, etc., and enhance the expressiveness and penetration of the sound.


The Redmi K40 Pro 6GB+128GB is priced at 2799 yuan ($434), 8GB+128GB is priced at 2999 yuan ($465), 8GB+256GB is priced at 3299 yuan ($511), and K40 Pro+ 12GB+256GB is priced at 3699 yuan ($573).

Redmi K40 Pro

The pre-sale has already begun and they will be available on all channels on March 4. The K40 Pro+ will go on sale in late March.

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