Redmi K40 Pro Real Machine Spy Photos Leaked

Redmi has officially announced that it will launch the first flagship product after the Chinese New Year. The Redmi K40 series will hit the market on February 25.

A few days ago, the Redmi K40 series has passed the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s network access certification. And the official has announced the pictures of the machine, showing some of the appearance designs of the Redmi K40 series.

Today, some users showcased the real hands-on pictures of the Redmi K40 series on Weibo. According to the picture, the back design of the Redmi K40 is exactly the same as the photo of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. So the credibility is very high. The announced real machine has a white AG body.  And its overall design is very similar to the Mi 11 white version.


At the same time, the rear camera module of Redmi K40 has also become the design idea of ​​Xiaomi Mi 11. It adopts a rectangular camera solution. The left side of it has the big eye four-camera module, and the “angel eye” ring is also retained on the main camera. On the right side there is a strip astigmatism light and a suspected laser focus module area.

It is also worth mentioning that the rear camera area of ​​the Redmi K40 real machine is marked with the words “108MP AI QUAD CAMERA”. The latter means that the machine will have a 108-megapixel main camera sensor.

Combined with the previous information, the high-end version of the Redmi K40 series will only include a 100-megapixel main camera. So, it indicates that the real machine exposed this time is the high-end version of the Redmi K40 Pro model.

In addition, according to previous news, Redmi K40 Pro will sport Qualcomm’s top flagship Snapdragon 888 chip. And as we know it has strong performance. It will also have a hole-punch OLED face-to-face screen with standard FHD+ resolution and a 120Hz refresh rate. The company said that it is probably the most expensive straight screen in the industry.

At present, Redmi has officially announced that it will release the new Redmi K40 series on February 25. It will have three models, the price may correspond to 1999 yuan ($299), 2999 yuan ($449), and 3999 yuan ($599) respectively.

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