Redmi K40 Pro Will Be Renamed Xiaomi Mi 11X/Pro in India

XDA senior member kacskrz found a complicated Xiaomi/Redmi/Poco naming situation by studying the MIUI system code. All of which revolved around the new Redmi K40 series. Previous FCC documents have confirmed that the Redmi K40 will be renamed Poco F3 and sold globally. However, the above new findings indicate that the K40 will be renamed “Xiaomi Mi 11X” in the Indian market instead of using the Poco brand. In addition, the Redmi K40 Pro will be called the Xiaomi Mi 11X Pro.

The Xiaomi Mi 11X Pro will come with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 flagship processor. Moreover, the Cortex X1 super core is used for the first time. And the Cortex A78 core is used at the same time. Note that these have nothing to do with the Redmi 10X and 10X Pro. What’s more complicated is that the top version of the Redmi K40 Pro+ will be called the Xiaomi Mi 11. Perhaps this will be the sequel of India’s Xiaomi Mi 10i (based on Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G). Considering that the first batch of Mi 10i went on sale just two months ago, this seems a bit fast.

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Difference between Mi 10 and Redmi K40 Pro +

There is not much difference between the Mi 10i and K40 Pro+. Both have a 120Hz display, 108MP camera and 33W fast charge. However,  the “Mi 11i” has a huge improvement in processing power (Snapdragon 888 and 750G). The same display has been upgraded from IPS LCD to Super AMOLED. It is worth mentioning that the above code mentions “haydn_pro_global”, which indicates that the Xiaomi Mi 11i will actually be sold in the international market. That  will make the naming more confusing. In addition, this is also the first time we heard that the K40 Pro+ will go global (Poco renamed models only have standard and Pro models).

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