Redmi Note 10 To Support Much-Improved NFC 3.0

The tenth generation of Redmi Note 10 will be officially released on May 26. It will come with a number of features that can be seen on flagship products mainly. But Xiaomi has decided to show the world that it’s possible to make a mid-range smartphone with top features and low price. In this regard, today, the manufacturer announced that our protagonist will come with a multi-function NFC 3.0 support. The latter has got a comprehensive upgrade from software adaptation to hardware chip.

One of the main upgrades of this technology is the closed door cards support. They generally use encryption to prevent people outside the community from copying the card privately. Moreover, the encryption measures of different door cards are different, and the simulation difficulty is further increased.

NFC Evolution

NFC 1.0

The earliest NFC analog door card function, with few application scenarios, can only simulate part of the door card without changing the factory settings. For door cards that have been changed from the factory settings, it can’t swipe the card.

NFC 2.0

It can access card service providers, with more usage scenarios, and support for air card issuance. The application scenarios have been greatly increased, and the card opening is more convenient. However, limited by the community expansion of access card service providers, it is still unable to meet more needs.

NFC 3.0

With the latest smartphone NFC door card simulation technology, it covers a wider range of door cards and has a higher success rate of swiping cards. In addition, the security has also been upgraded. For the first time, a second card verification process is introduced to prevent the card from being simulated as soon as it is swiped by others in the public area.

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