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Redmi Note 9 Series Coming Soon: Lu Weibing Hints At “Super Cup”

Today, Redmi smartphones officially announced through the official Weibo channel that the global sales of Redmi Note series smartphones exceeded 140 million units. At the same time, according to the information of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Redmi’s upcoming new product is the Redmi Note 9. As we know, it includes a standard version and a high-end version. The high-end version uses a 100-megapixel main camera for the first time.

At the same time, according to data released by the research organization Omdia, the entire Redmi Note 8 series became the second best-selling model in the world for 2020 H1. The monthly sales volume exceeds 10 million, and the current global sales volume has exceeded 40 million. It has successfully ranked among the global best-selling models of many research institutions. It is undoubtedly one of the most successful product lines of the Redmi brand.

The reasons why Redmi Note is loved by 140 million users

Lu Weibing, Vice President of Xiaomi Group, President of China Region, and General Manager of Redmi Brand, posted on Weibo “Note Series. Why has it become a common choice of 140 million users worldwide?” “The reason why the Redmi Note 140 million users love this series around the world is that it adheres to the inclusive of technology. It also makes thousands of fine products based on flagship standards. So everyone has the right to enjoy technological progress. The second is to pursue information transparency and refuse all unreasonable premiums that will return the right to know the product to the user. The third is to adhere to the same quality and pay attention to what is visible and invisible.

Under such product values, Redmi Note tends to have stronger performance, higher quality, and more comprehensive experience than other products in the same price range on the market.

Lu Weibing also revealed that the new Redmi Note 9 series are coming soon

This morning, Lu Weibing posted on Weibo suggesting it will be a “Super Big Cup” like the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra and the Redmi K30 Ultra.

Redmi Note 9 hint

The new Redmi Note 9 series models include Note 9 and Note 9 Pro versions. Both of them will adopt a full-screen LCD digging design, with a maximum screen refresh rate of 120Hz and a touch sampling rate of 240Hz. As a difference, the standard version will feature MediaTek Dimensity 720 processor. At the same time, the high-end version will sport Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G processor. The sensor size is 1/1.52 inches. Compared with the 64MP that Redmi Note 8 Pro features, the 100MP of the new Redmi Note 9 series have a 1/1.52 inch outsole. And the unit pixel area is 0.7μm. It supports 9 pixels in one. To clarify, it is equivalent to 2.1μm, dark light under the environment, more details can be captured.

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