MediaTek 5G

Samsung A-Series May Come With MediaTeK 5G Chips

According to OPPO, Vivo and Xiaomi smartphone orders, MediaTek’s entry into the 5G market should happen quite soon. According to market reports, MediaTek is in contact with Samsung and is actively testing 5G chips to send samples to the Samsung A-series smartphone supply chain in 2020.

Earlier, the Taiwanese manufacturer officially released the MediaTek 5G flagship smartphone chip “Density 1000” and received orders from OPPO, Vivo, and Xiaomi. It is expected that Huawei Honor orders will be added in the future.

Not only that, there are even more rumors about the market. Samsung is in contact with MediaTek and plans to introduce mainstream and affordable 5G smartphone chips into Samsung A series and other smartphones. MediaTek has entered the stage of actively submitting samples. We are waiting for good news to hear as soon as 2020.

According to some analysis, MediaTek has in the past attacked the 4G smartphone chip Helio P25 into Samsung’s supply chain. Samsung has closed its ODM plant in mainland China. In the future, it will outsource low-end and mid-range smartphones to onshore ODM factories. On behalf of Samsung’s 5G or 4G mid- and low-end smartphone product lines, orders will be transferred to MediaTek. Opportunities will greatly increase.

Moreover, MediaTek has developed the NSA / SA and Sub-6 frequency bands according to the specifications of 5G smartphone chips. They can support the specifications of most current telecommunications operators worldwide. It seems to be the leading role of 5G and is the world’s first-line 5G. Chipmakers are well aware that MediaTek is developing a more advanced millimeter wave (mmWave) frequency band, which will be released as soon as 2021.


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