Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Philippines VIP Booking Package Exposure

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series has begun VIP booking in the Philippines. All bundles comes with various free gifts.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

As may be seen in the screenshots acquired, a pre-purchase bundle is a so-called” limited edition ” which Samsung formally launched. It will include “unique gifts” vof alue 29,999 pesos (value roughly $588); at the C and B packs. It includes many different bundles, each comprising unique gifts worth 4,000 pesos (roughly $80) and P3,000 (roughly $60). A wireless charger value 2,799 pesos (roughly $55) will probably be contained at the three pre-order bundles.

Since the primary product of Samsung in the next half of this year, Samsung formally said it is unequivocal from the subscription of Note 10. I really don’t know what surprises that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will bring into the users that are scheduled.

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