Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Silver Edition Exposure

In accordance with Mysmartprice information, Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Silver variant (Silver) exposed, let us have a closer look.

It should be noted that both Samsung Note 10 and Note 10+ are pretty similar design-wise. Both of them sports a comprehensive screen design with almost no bezels. The Galaxy Note 10+ features a massive 6.8-inch 1440 x 3040 pixel AMOLED screen, which is aparently bigger and better than regular Galaxy 10. The latter is said to be using a 6.3-inch 1080 x 2280 pixel AMOLED screen. Moreover, Note 10+ also comes equipped with e 12 GB RAM and 4300 mAh batteries instead of the 8 GB RAM and 3500 mAh batteries used in Galaxy 10.

In the camera segment Note 10+ and Note10 also have some differences. The Galaxy Note10 is said to use a 2x optical zoom for rear three shots. Whereas the Note 10+ will use four shots, and its fourth camera will be a ToF sensor. Very similar to the previous generation Samsung Galaxy S10 5G.

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