Samsung Galaxy Z Posters Exposed Dual-Hinge Tri-Fold Design

Recently, a Weibo user exposed a poster of the Galaxy Z online. You can see that the design of the Samsung Galaxy Z is very different from what we have thought about it before. As we can see in the picture, It uses a double hinge and three-fold innovative design style. This innovative style of smartphone design has started to attract a lot of attention․

Samsung Galaxy Z

Previously, there has been little information about Samsung’s new folding screen smartphone. We only know that it will be named after Z, and we guess that it will adopt a clamshell folding design similar to Motorola Razr. However, this breaking poster has denied all previous speculations around the above-mentioned elegant device.

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From the poster, we can clearly see that the Samsung Galaxy Z uses a dual-hinge tri-fold mode. And in the fully folded mode, it will look like a normal smartphone with a single screen. According to the needs, its two folding screens can be unfolded to realize switching between three screen sizes. As a result, the Samsung Galaxy Z will have small, medium and large screen sizes. As early as last year, TCL showed a similar dual-folding smartphone that can be turned into a 10-inch tablet when unfolded. From this real machine, we may be able to make further speculations about the Samsung Galaxy Z. It is expected, the device thickness in its fully folded form will not be too low, it may reach 20mm. In addition, The smartphone battery capacity may be very high, even it can be around 6000mAh.


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