Samsung Shared Its Thoughts About 5G And The Current State

Today, the Korean tech giant held the Samsung Galaxy Note10 / Note10+ China conference. At the press conference, Samsung first talked about 5G smartphones and the current situation related to them. Only after that, the company released the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G handset. At the scene, Samsung announced the current global 5G commercial network, including 45 NSAs (non-independent networking) and 0 SA (independent networking).

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It also announced the progress of 5G promotion in China, South Korea, and the United States. They said the construction of the NSA + SA network will begin in 2020.

According to Samsung’s official introduction, they have a history of 5G development for nearly ten years. So we should admit it is a top player in the industry. While other manufacturers’ 5G terminals are still in the ‘pre-sale’ state, Samsung’s 5G terminals have already shipped 2 million units in South Korea.

Samsung’s 5G patent reserve ranks in the forefront of the world. Its 5G standard patents number reaches 1400+, and it has a high-gold 5G standard patent covering the core technology of 5G subsystems.

5G SA and NSA are both true 5G, but SA requires more time to become popular. If you want to implement a 5G network, it is clear that NSA is the best choice now. Moreover, for now, the NSA download rate is faster than SA.

P.S. though the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G was released in China and there are a couple of other models with such a functionality, China yields South Korea a lot. The latter has more than 1.5 million 5G subscribers. Even the US can’t compete with South Korea. The latest report showed it has shipped only 30,000 5G smartphones nationwide.


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