Some Users Say iPhone 11 / Pro Gps Has Problems, Developers Throw Pot to Apple

iPhone 11 Pro

Apple iPhone 11 Pro and 11 GPS tracking reports began to appear sporadically. Some users said the problem affected the motion tracking application Strava. While others said it also affected other applications, such as Waze.

A user who posted on Reddit said that the developers behind the Strava app described it as an issue with the 11 Pro.

An athlete user said that since using the Strava app on the 11 Pro. Its trajectory and frequency have become faster. After directly contacting Strava, they said that the iPhone 11 Pro could not track the level data correctly. There are also posts that reflect these issues, albeit in small numbers. Currently, Strava engineers blame the issue on the iPhone 11 Pro’s inability to accurately track GPS data. However, they did not encounter any issues with other GPS applications.

However, other users have reported the same problem with other applications. User feedback CarPlay on the iPhone 11 Pro Max on the Waze map is super cumbersome to use, the position keeps jumping, and it is rarely accurate.

Some users said that they also encountered GPS problems during use after upgrading from iPhone 7, iPhone 8 to iPhone 11.

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