Sony has stopped Developing Xperia 1 5G Smartphone

The year of 2019 can be easily termed as the 5G first year. Some of the major tech companies, including Samsung, LG, Huawei, Xiaomi, has already launched their 5G flagship smartphones. However, according to Japanese media reports sumahoinfo news, Sony has stopped developing its Xperia 1 5G mobile phone.

This does not mean that Sony will not launch 5G mobile phones in the future. But it will not be the 5G version of Xperia.

It is reported that Sony will release a flagship mobile phone with the same three-lens system as the Xperia 1 on the IFA 2019. However, the screen is no longer a 4K OLED HDR screen, and the price will be more intimate. Since the Xperia camera has been praised by the Alpha department, Sony is expected to use the IFA2019 to release more multi-lens phones.

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