Sony Xperia New Phone To Sport Six-Camera On Rear

What is the most important feature for you when buying a smartphone? The screen? The look? The processor? The camera? If the latter is your answer, then we have another question. How many lenses the main camera of the smartphone should have? Two? Three? Four? Five? Maybe six? Yes, the rear-mounted camera of smartphones has become one of the key features and decisive factors when purchasing a handset. So the manufacturers have begun paying more attention to it. Say, recently, Nokia launched the 9 PureView with five camera sensors on the back. This record is going to be beaten. And it’s not difficult to guess who the challenger is. It’s said Sony is going to launch a new Xperia series smartphone with up to six camera lenses. Today, some specifications of this handset and its camera have been disclosed through Twitter. Let’s take a look.

According to the latest news coming our way from Samsung news, Sony Xperia’s six-camera specifications are: a 48MP lens with a variable aperture of F1.2/F2.4; a 20MP sensor with an F2.4 aperture; a 16MP lens with an F2.4 aperture; an 8MP lens with an F2.4 aperture; a 12MP lens with a variable F1.2/F2.4 aperture; and a 5MP ToF camera.

At the same time, the new Sony Xperia smartphone is going to sport a dual-camera on the front. It’s said the main sensor will have a 10MP resolution, while the secondary lens will be a 0.3MP ToF CMOS.

Simply, put it turns out the upcoming Sony handset will be the world’s first octa-camera smartphone. Unfortunately, Sony has no ambitions in the smartphone industry. So this phone will be just a hint to manufacturers that putting six sensors on their handsets is quite real.

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