UleFone Armor Flip Rugged Phone Review, Price and Features

Ulefone is a China-based smartphone manufacturer with a massive customer-base across the globe. Notably, the company is well-recognised to produce rugged smart and feature phones to cater to extreme working conditions. In the line, the company is presenting its next UleFone Armor Flip Rugged Feature Phone with plenty of useful features and qualities.

Ulefone armor flip rugged phone

Chinese tech companies are well-known for building unique devices on advanced patterns. Accordingly, UleFone has done a brilliant job in this regard and likely to offer a better solution for intensive workplaces.

The UleFone Armor Flip Rugged Feature Phone is specially designed for people who work in various industries and enthusiastic athletes. It is a three-prevention phone with IP68 and IP69K waterproof rating.

Further, the phone is specially made of Polycarbonate and 10% of GF+TPU material. It is defined with functional keys and based on the Bi-injection moulding process.

Features of Ulefone Armor Flip Rugged Phone

The UleFone Armor comes with a 2.4-inch screen, MTK6261A processor chip, and a 1200 mAh battery. Similarly, it provides a 1.3 MP camera, FM Radio, Bluetooth, and multiple language support.

The company has performed a lot of tests like Humidity Test, Low-Pressure Test, Acidic Atmosphere Test, and Solar Radiation Test etc. to check its strength and robustness. It handles all the situations well and becomes shockproof, waterproof, breakproof, and dustproof at all.

Ulefone armor flip rugged phone

Moreover, the UleFone Armor Flip Rugged Phone carries an easy-to-use interface for all aged people. The flip design offers compact size to place it in your pocket comfortably.

Overall, the UleFone Armor Feature Phone brings a bunch of unique specifications in a smaller pack.

UleFone Armor Flip Rugged Feature Phone Review: Features and Specifications

Sometimes, we need to work in such critical conditions by placing the phone in the pocket. Usually, smartphones are not comfortable for such extreme and dangerous situations. We need some special kind or purpose phone to deal with the circumstances.

Accordingly, UleFone has designed a rigid and sturdy feature phone with hard and toughened body material. The UleFone Armor Flip Rugged Feature Phone adopts a classical twelve-icon interface, which is best to perform our day-to-day tasks.

In the in-hand article, we are going to review the features and specifications of the UleFone Armor Flip Phone. By going through, it is expected for sure that one will get to check its worthiness and limitations.

Design and Physical Appearance

Design is one of the biggest attractions on the UleFone Armor Phone. In fact, the company designs it for special purpose fulfilment. The flip design provides easy to handle approach and tough material protects it in severe situations.

Buyers will get a single colour option the Black. Further, it draws a yellow lining to make it an ergonomic handset. The body is made of the Polycarbonate and GF+TPU material. The UleFone Armor Phone has a dual-screen, one is on the outer (1.44-inch) side and the second (2.4-inch) one is placed inside.

Moreover, there is a 1.3 MP camera and a brand logo on the front side. By the toughness, the UleFone Armor is shockproof, breakproof, waterproof, and dustproof to meet all the situations effectively.

Inside, the phone has a numeric keypad along with some other buttons like SOS, hands-free FM, flashlight and music etc. Similarly, on a side, you will get a 3.5mm jack, a TF card slot, and a micro-USB port for connection purpose.

On physical measurement, the UleFone Armor Phone has 111.5 x 57.5 x 22 mm dimensions and it weighs 140g.


The UleFone Armor Flip Rugged Feature Phone equips a dual-screen approach to make the visuals easy. The flipping lid holds both the screens on the outside and inside. The outside screen (secondary) measures 1.44-inch TFTQQVGA, whereas the primary (insider) is of 2.44-inch TFTQVGA.

Correspondingly, the screens are a good surface to publish software applications along with the waterproof facility. The outsider will let you see the time, incoming call numbers and SMS etc. You can perform main tasks on the primary screen like paying games, dialing a number, and much more.

The primary screen provides a 320×240 pixels screen resolution to impart moderate picture quality.


Furthermore, the UleFone Armor Flip Phone also comes with 32 MB of RAM as well as 64 MB of ROM to store your data locally. Although it is not enough but as per the camera configurations, you can manage a good number of pictures in the space.

Moreover, you also have the option to extend your storage room with a TF card of up to 32 GB.


When it comes to the powerhouse, the company has embraced the Armor Flip Phone with a 1200 mAh battery. It doesn’t seem sufficient on usage time and provides 8-hour service on talk time and 300 hours (around 13 days) on standby mode.

Hence, the feature phone can be calculated average on the power front. Once you get it full on battery, you can join your daily duty and it will serve you for the whole day without any interruption.


To be the photo clicker, the UleFone Armor Flip Rugged Feature Phone contains a 1.3 MP primary camera. It is embedded on the outside of the flip lid for easy usage. Further, the camera has an F/2.8 aperture along with 640×480 photo resolution.

Also, you have the freedom to click photos and videos during the night time. It carries a flashlight near the camera to be used for various purposes.


To connect the phone with the outer world, the UleFone Armor has a Bluetooth 2.0 version single track. Correspondingly, you can send and receive data and files via Bluetooth wirelessly.

Media Files Support

The UleFone Armor Flip Feature Phone supports various multimedia files formats. You can access audio files like MP3, WAV, videos files like MPEG-4, 3GPP, images files like JPEG along with TXT files a well.

Similarly, it also supports some audio formats like MIDI, MP3, AMR, WAV, and AAC. It is also able to sync MP3 lyrics as well.

Therefore, users have a wide choice to deal with different multimedia extensions without using a conversion application.

Additional Features

Additionally, the UleFone Armor Flip Rugged Feature Phone concludes a big list of applications for daily usage. Likewise, it has a calculator, a calendar, alarm, camcorder, hands-free FM Radio, photo editor, tasks, memory card, one key time, eBook, MP3 player, internet, torch, notes, call attribution, multiple languages, and various other facilities.

Further, the phone also supports VPN network, dual-SIM card, IP68 and IP69K waterproof rating, GSM: B/2/3/5/8 and GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz.

On the chipset, the UleFone Armor has an MTK6261A processor for stable performance.

Moreover, the phone comes with an inbuilt radio antenna. You can play the radio without injecting headphones. It will have a little impact on your use of data.


The cost of the UleFone Armor Flip Rugged Feature Phone is $56.99 on the Banggood online store. Click here to visit now:


Finally, we can say that the UleFone Armor Flip Rugged Feature Phone can be a worthy option occasionally. If you are engaging with severe working conditions and want to keep your phone with you, then it is for you.

Overall, the sturdy design and shockproof personality of the phone will feel free while dealing with the adverse climate and working conditions. It will definitely stand by you.

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